Vinyl Pop Up DisplaysFebruary 23, 2017 – Vinyl pop up displays are designed to promote a brand’s vision at trade show events. But oftentimes companies struggle in setting up their display products. Some find that they have to take time away from working with show visitors to set up their displays. And this can limit the return on investment achieved from using the display at the event. To help mitigate set up issues, we’re offering three tips for setting up vinyl pop up displays at the event.

  1. Train a Dedicated Team

Vinyl Pop Up DisplaysRather than leaving it for your sales team to try to figure out on the event day, work with a dedicated group of professionals to set up the display system. Work with your in-house team members to learn more on the system, its benefits and performance and then ensure they have a clear understanding on how to set up the product when it comes time to integrate the display within the event architecture.

  1. Review Systems Before Setup

Your display should be reviewed for structural problems before set up. Make sure there are no dents or broken hinges that could other cause the system to fail at the event. This will help protect your team both during and after the setup process and safeguard your investment for many coming events.

  1. Document the Process

Vinyl Pop Up DisplaysFor the first time setting up the display, make sure you document the process and pinpoint the steps required to complete the set up. This will give you team the basis for the set-up process and help to minimize any future mistakes.

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