August 7, 2014

Companies considering their trade show investment must understand how to analyze the returns they might achieve. When purchasing a trade show display that will become a centerpiece of a company’s campaigns for the year ahead, it’s important to find ways in which to improve the returns achieved for their one-off investment. Here, we’ll look at three tips for improving ROI with trade show displays purchases.

1. Modify Designs over Time

Companies can improve the value they receive from their trade show displays by ensuring that their systems are up-to-date with each new campaign. By building their relationship with trade show designers, companies can find new ways to enhance older-looking displays while invigorating their current displays to meet evolving objectives.

2. Choose a Modular System

A leading advantage of choosing modular trade show systems is that companies can reduce their storage costs, because each display can be taken apart into smaller pieces. Modular displays also allow for companies to change the style of display to suit a range of exhibit venues over the long-term.

3. Use Market Research at Events

Companies can use market research tools to review possible additions to their trade show displays for future events. By asking customers directly which accessories they might like to see next-time-around, organizations can cement their return on investment by using tangible data provided by their loyal clientele.

Expanding the value of trade show displays is critical to future success within the event marketing industry. Review the points presented in this blog to ensure your organization is capitalizing on its investment is the latest display systems.