January 15th, 2015

When companies are spending a large portion of their marketing budget on a display system, it’s important that the system meet their marketing requirements over the long term. But to capture the true long-term value from their displays, companies must commit to effective maintenance. The experts here at Best Displays & Graphics have several years of experience in this field. And so in this blog, we’ll offer our three tips for expert maintenance of truss displays.

1) Store with a Professional Organization

It’s imperative that truss displays are placed in dry, cool storage areas. Moisture can significantly impact both the performance and the aesthetics of truss displays and companies can lose their entire investment by selecting the wrong storage specialist.

2) Instruct Event Team on Display Care

Most damage to displays occurs at the event. A display host might trip and fall into a stand. Or a visitor might accidentally lean on and push over the structure. These incidents can be mitigated by instructing display teams on how to keep the truss display safe at the event. It’s important, for example, to set up barriers at important points in the display structure.

3) Contact Trade Show Displays Experts for Regular Cleaning

Even if the display system itself is still functioning to optimal capacity, it’s important to have the structure checked on a regular basis to ensure optimal performance at the next event. Companies can protect their investment by contacting a local trade show displays specialist and following a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule.

Through proper care and a commitment to industry research, owners of truss displays can achieve exceptional value from their system. To learn more about expert maintenance strategies, speak with a Best Displays & Graphics expert directly.