March 5th, 2015

When you’ve booked your trade show appearance and your team is ready, it’s important that your display is ready to be utilized, also. And so Canada-based companies must focus on how their truss displays will be integrated into their event venue, and on whether they wish to go it alone or work with a trusted specialist. In making the decision, there are three elements to consider during the installation process.

1. You Can Save Time by Working with an Installation Expert

You only have a limited amount of promotional time within the trade show. And with many event attendees arriving at events the moment the venue is open, it’s important your display is ready and available to your staff immediately. Hiring a professional installation team can prevent event delays and ensure your team is immediately ready to greet attendees

Riders plus2. Planning the Installation Work Should Take Precedence in the Days before the Event

Even if you’ve planned that ideal promotion, you can only succeed within your trade show campaigns if your system is installed expertly and ready to be seen by the trade show audience. Focus a majority of the work in the days preceding the event on planning the installation. Who will be in attendance before the event and what is their role on the team?

3. Speak to the Manufacturer about Safety Precautions

When working with an installation team to set up truss displays in an event venue, Canada-based companies must contact the manufacturer to determine any safety precautions that must be considered. Your installation specialist should be able to outline potential issues and coordinate the installation so these issues are mitigated.

Selecting an expert installation team for setting up truss displays can help prevent many pre-event issues for growing organizations. Contact our offices directly to learn more about our pre-event setup processes.