October 20, 2016 — Trade show display storage is required to keep your systems looking their peak best throughout the year. This will become incredibly important in the coming months as you place your displays in storage during the quieter winter season. But before reviewing the trade show storage space, it’s important to understand how to evaluate your options. This post highlights three things you need to know about trade show storage.

  1. Storage and Transit Services can be PairedFrameCases
    It’s important for business leaders to understand the value of pairing storage and transit services. While the storage option can keep your display in optimal condition during months in which it’s not used, the transit service can help ensure the display is ready at a moment’s notice. This will help your business achieve full value for its investment in the service.
  2. Rental Services Should Update You
    It’s important that you maintain contact with the rental company to make sure the system is protected at all times. Work with the firm to analyze the best storage solution for the product and then ensure they update your team regularly on any changes to the condition of the system.
  3. Purchase a WarrantyTVCrate
    Most storage companies offer full insurance and warranties for your stored items. Additional coverage will protect your business for the full value of your investment and will ensure you can pay to have the system rebuilt should a problem occur during the storage process.

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