October 11, 2016 — To impress guests to your trade show booths in the coming months, you’ll likely have to capitalize on the latest technology. And so your technical team must give due consideration to the potential challenges they might face in making an impression on trade show guests to their booths. Within this latest post, we’ll take a look a three common technology issues that can occur with trade show booths.

  1. Lighting ProblemsBrasil New York 042
    Lighting problems can prevent trade show teams from effectively highlighting their displays at events. A small problem with a bulb or light stand can leave a trade show booth without effective illuminate, and so it’s important to test all lighting equipment ahead of the event. Remember to also keep spare bulbs on-hand in case one burns out during the event.
  2. Computer CrashesGB Toronto_030
    A PowerPoint presentation and other event activities can quickly lose their value in the event of a computer crash. Make sure your team tests their computer equipment and goes through their presentations ahead of time. Work with event staff to problem-solve potential issues such as socket failure or hardware problems. And consider alternative options in case the computer becomes unusable suddenly on the day.
  3. Overloaded Wireless NetworkHighLineBooth20ft3
    With the increasing dependence on wireless networks at events, network connection issues are now becoming more common. Make sure your team is prepared in advanced with mobile data options in case the wireless network at the event becomes overloaded with connections. You’ll need a secure and strong wireless connection for activities involving processing debit and credit cards, and connecting with your social media accounts for live blogging of the event!

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