March 26, 2015

A long term event marketing campaign, in which companies are highlighted their firms’ high quality products and services, requires quality display tools for each event. The modularity of the innovative truss display has helped the equipment become the requisite choice for growing companies across Canada. And within this blog, we’ll review three reasons behind the value and popularity of truss displays.

  1. Portability for Seamless Travel

Growing companies don’t have money in their budget to transport cumbersome displays from event to event. They require systems that can be quickly packed up into a small piece of equipment and taken from location to location. This is one of the inherent advantages offered by truss displays. The systems also stand out for their durability, and will look their peak best for events well into the future!

  1. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStylish and Unique

The large graphic displays that can be used with truss displays captivate event audiences and bring them into the company display are to speak with reps. Companies are now using truss displays to help maximize event branding and to highlight the professional and stylish quality of their full product line. Unlike older models, truss products are crafted for a cutting-edge marketing appeal.

  1. Modular for Unique Event Styles at Each Location

Companies using truss displays can also capitalize on their modularity. The design style allows the truss product to be transformed from one event to the next, empowering companies to achieve an elegant and efficient solution to long-term marketing requirements when appealing to various demographics.

Highly cost-effective and designed for the organization on-the-go, truss displays are the quality product that many brands now require for their event marketing needs. To learn more on the benefits offered by truss displays, contact the Best Displays & Graphics experts directly!