September  5, 2017 – Truss display products are now used throughout the marketplace as a way to highlight a company and their branding value. But for those with limited understanding and experience in the trade show industry, it’s important to learn more on truss display systems and the unique value they can bring to branding campaigns. With that in mind, we’re highlighting three reasons to add truss displays to your trade shows, in this latest post.

  1. They Offer Flexibility

Truss displays can be optimized in unique configurations for each event, providing your firm with unique branding value at each venue. This can be important in reaching out to specific subsections of your target audiences, and helps prevent your campaigns from becoming visually stale.

  1. They’re Great for During and After the Event

A truss display’s structure makes the system ideal for use within your store. Once the event has finished, you can have your trade show partner dismantle the display and then build the new configuration for your store space. It ensures the display is being used around the year and not just at event venues. Using the truss display at the store will mean your team becomes more adept at creating a lasting impression with the system.

  1. They Assure Portability

For those business events that take you across the country or around the globe, it’s important you work with portable displays. Truss systems are among the most portable display options within the marketplace, because the system can be broken down into smaller pieces, supporting companies in reaching audiences throughout the region.

By learning more on the full range of display options available, you can empower your trade show campaigns and reach your marketing objectives for 2017. To discover more on your truss display system options, call us today.