Wednesday, December 27th – One of the most important elements in choosing display products is the supplier of the product. It’s important to learn more on your suppliers and make sure they can provide the ideal product at the right price for your company’s budget. To help guide you within this important process, we’re highlighting three questions to ask in choosing Toronto banner stand suppliers, in this latest post.

  1. What is Your Experience?

The company’s experience within the trade show industry is instrumental in their understanding on banner stand quality. A company with significant experience will know how to offer the ideal banner stand for your brand and will be able to help you choose a product that stands out to your prospective audience at the event.

  1. Do You Also Offer Design Work?

Banner stand suppliers that also offer design services can help you to consolidate your total trade show expenditure. They can help to create the ideal branding for your banner stands and create designs that compel your audience to take action at the event.

  1. What is Your Warranty on Products?

Regardless of the supplier and their authority in the marketplace, it’s essential they’re able to provide you with a full warranty for your banner stand. The warranty should cover manufacturer defects and any issues that might occur in the initial period of use. This will protect your investment and help provide recourse should you require banner stand repair work before an upcoming event.

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