March 31, 2015

Pop up displays are exceptionally popular due to their versatility and their lightweight portability. But companies can only achieve the benefits of these high performance systems if they understand how to safely take them from one event to another across the country. And so within this blog, we’ll provide an outline of the three keys to safely transporting pop up displays during a country-wide marketing campaign.

  1. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACraft a Plan Ahead of Schedule

There’s little value in waiting till the last minute to arrange transportation plans. Companies must consider their transportation requirements months before the event is due to take place. This way, they can arrange for special transportation such as trucks and commercial vehicles if required. They can also ensure the display arrives at the venue on-time.

  1. Research Display Warranties

Before considering transportation of their pop up displays, companies must analyze their warranty and see if it covers accidental damage during transit. Most warranties will provide this level of coverage, but some companies may lose a substantial amount of money if their out-of-warranty display becomes damaged during the journey from one venue to the next.

  1. HardCaseTrain Staff

It’s important that every staff member understands how to handle and set up the pop up displays ready for the event. Once the transportation process has been completed, the staff will be responsible for ensuring the display’s safety during the trade show. This means they must know how to move the display if required and how to make any required changes safely while protecting the system.

Effective organization can empower companies in achieving a return on investment for their pop up displays. In addition, proper packaging is required at all times, especially if transporting on a plane or through a courier such as UPS or Purolator.

Through following the guidelines in this blog, companies can safely transport their pop up display systems and begin with their promotions. To learn more, speak with our expert team directly!