April 9, 2015

Companies across Canada are now choosing to rent their trade show displays for their upcoming business conferences. The rental option provides organizations with a cost-effective means of promotion and ensures there’s extra room in the budget for other marketing campaign objectives. But before making their decision a rental product, company decision makers must learn more on the marketplace. In this blog, we’ll review three factors to consider before renting trade show displays.

  1. 20' Curved - Black Fabric with Styrene BannersWhich Add-Ons Will the Display Require?

In renting their display, companies must also consider add-ons such as video screens and furniture. They must review how these items will fit within their display design. This often means they must first consult with their trade show rental company to see if they offer add-ons as part of their rental packages.

  1. Transportation

Does the rental company offer transportation of the display to and from the event? This will be critical in ensuring the entire process is organized for effective results. The last thing Canada companies need is to lose time transporting their trade show displays when they could be consulting with potential clients at the event.

  1. Juice MobileProduct Safety

Who will be responsible for display safety at the event? It’s important for event attendees to assign an individual to product safety, and for that individual to learn as much as possible about the product. This commitment to event safety will help prevent the display being damaged during use.

Choosing rental trade show displays is now one of the most vital decisions most companies will make during their marketing campaigns. The right product can transform a brand. To learn more on available rental options, speak with a Best Displays & Graphics expert directly.