October 31, 2016 — It’s the fall season and thousands of companies are now entering the trade show supplies marketplace searching for that perfect banner product. But buying at this stage of the year comes with its own set of unique challenges and considerations, and so within this latest post, our expert team looks at three unique considerations for companies buying trade show banners this fall.

  1. Storage33-48-33 Bubbas (Backwall Alternative)
    Buying now will require the company to have a clear plan for storage of the product for the rest of fall and throughout the winter season. With temperatures dropping and a large amount of rain likely in the coming months, companies must plan for how they will keep their banners protected. Review companies that offer both supplies and storage services to ensure full value for money with a fall purchase!
  2. Upcoming Tradeshows
    With summer vacations now over and the real business calendar beginning, many companies are now booking their spots at end of year tradeshows. To plan ahead, it’s important to have access to quality trade show banners well before others. This will help further ensure value for money when the purchase is completed and will allow the company to utilize the banner effectively in the lead-up to their trade show events.
  3. End of Year SalesBD Banners
    Oftentimes, companies are now able to reduce their costs on the newest banners as trade show banner manufacturers update their designs for the coming year. In the coming weeks, look for low-cost sale products to arrive and ensure your business has the resources to capitalize on the high-value options available across the marketplace.

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