June 11, 2015

The objective of the majority of tradeshow display hosts is to impress audience members and encourage them to learn more about their organization. Leading-class display products can help captivate audiences and engage them in an organization’s branding. And it’s for this reason thousands of brands are now utilizing T3 Fabframe tradeshow display products at their events. In this post, we’ll examine the three leading advantages T3 Fabframe display products bring to tradeshow events.

  1. Spec 10'x20' StraightwallLow Maintenance

Companies will find there’s little work involved in caring for their T3 Fabframe display. The product’s fabric elements are washable, to keep them looking their peak best for years to come. And each element of the display has been formed using durable materials designed to resist corrosion and scuffing. For the brand with long-term plans for success, the T3 Fabframe is the ideal choice.

  1. Lightweight

One problem many growing companies encounter during their tradeshow marketing campaigns is the need to transport their displays across the country. Going from one venue to the next with a large display is difficult when you have one a small vehicle. The T3 Fabframe display is the ideal product because of its lightweight material and its portability. The entire display can be taken apart easily and placed in a vehicle. This ease-of-use reduces the time required to set-up and dismantle the product, and allows for a seamless travel experience.

  1. Spec Hanging Fabframe Cube signFlexible for Multi-Faceted Appeal

Whether exhibit hosts wish to create an illuminated display space or a graphics based display system, the T3 Fabframe provides exceptional design flexibility. Companies can add to and take away from the display from event-to-event to ensure their branding is refined for each venue audience!

It’s the versatile display system for the forward-thinking business. Discover more benefits of the T3 Fabframe tradeshow display by contacting our experts at Best Displays & Graphics directly!