For companies attending multiple trade show events throughout the year, portable displays are an imperative tool. By locating the very best in portable trade show displays, companies can consolidate the cost of event attendance and achieve a highly effective way of reaching their industry demographic. Within this post, we’ll look at two key tips for those that are searching for effective portable displays.

1) Size is Crucial

At the event, companies will only have a limited area of space in which to advertise their products and services. This means that they must pay attention to the size of their display. If they purchase too small of a display, it will be difficult to capture the attention of passers-by, but purchasing too large of a display unit could make the area look untidy as the area will be cramped.  One key consideration in this regard is the accessories that will be used with the display. For instance, companies may wish to forge larger additions to their display such as LCD screens if the space within the arena is limited.

2) Proper Storage is Essential

Even the best-quality portable displays can experience warping and other material changes if they’re not kept in ideal conditions. When considering purchasing a portable display, it’s always important to know ahead of time where that display will be stored so that it retains its aesthetic qualities for future events.

Portable trade show displays offer a cost-effective mechanism for advertising a new brand. By following tips from industry experts, organizations can ensure that they get their money’s worth from these highly effective trade show products.