Despite COVID-19 continuing to be a threat, more businesses are deciding it’s time to reopen – or else they’re reopening because they can’t afford to stay closed anymore.  Many operations are still opting for remote work solutions, but that won’t work for many businesses, especially those who cater directly to the public.

Fortunately, the market has responded to these challenges with a wide variety of social distancing products.  These products help reduce the chances of COVID spreading within your place of business, protecting both staff and customers.  

In this article, we wanted to briefly talk about some of the social distancing products on the market, and how they can help your business.

How Social Distancing Products Help Get Your Business Running Again

Working at home can be fun, but most companies find that productivity drops when too many people are staying at home.  There are too many distractions, and a person’s home usually isn’t optimizing for doing good work.  By making your workplace safer, you can bring these people back and give yourself a major productivity boost.

Of course, the main point of social distancing products is to reduce the chances of diseases like COVID-19 spreading in your office.  You’ve got a lot of options in this regard.

Portable Partitions are a must-have in any business which will have returning workers or customers.  Made of easily cleaned plastic or plexiglass, these wheeled partitions can be moved anywhere they’re needed to keep people separated.

Desk shields are intended to make half-sized cubicles safer, by extending the walls upward to 5-6 feet.  This provides much more protection to coworkers who are sitting side-by-side, while the clear walls still allow communication and collaboration.  

Reception counter shields work like desk shields but are typically longer so that they can cover the whole of your reception desk.  They can also come with multiple cut-outs to allow the exchange of money and goods with a minimum of direct contact between people.

Face shields are for situations where face-to-face contact cannot be avoided.  Unlike cloth masks, these plexiglass pieces provide complete protection from germs being breathed out.  Be sure to pair them with gloves, if contact must be made.

Keeping workers and visitors informed of your efforts, and how to best encourage safe interactions, is vital when running a business during an outbreak.  Smart use of signs and other indicators make this easier!

For example, decals can be placed on the floor to direct visitors around your office or indicate where people should stand while queuing.  Portable pop-up displays can be used to show vital information, and guide people around the premises.  These products can do a lot to encourage proper social distancing!

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