With more and more businesses in Canada reopening their doors, you might be wondering how to manage the reopening of your business under the “new normal.” You likely have a lot of questions about getting back to business after COVID-19, which is why the team from Best Displays & Graphics is here to help.

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about reopening your doors after the pandemic!


Consider the Risks & Responsibilities

When reopening your business after the pandemic, being well aware of the present risks and your responsibilities to your staff and clients is essential. Seek advice from government agencies and local health officials to learn the best practices for reopening your business and do so slowly and safely. Make sure to familiarize yourself with all of the local ordinances and regulations for businesses that are reopening to avoid fines and other serious issues.

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Manage Safe Social Distancing Practices

Just because your business is allowed to open again doesn’t mean you should throw caution out the window. All businesses will be required to practice the proper social distancing practices required by local rules and ordinances, whether that be having social distancing products like decals for your grocery store or modular structures for your office. Gyms and restaurants will also likely be required to install things like sneeze guards and mobile screens to keep patrons safe.

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Be Mindful of Requirements that Apply to Your Industry

Each industry will have specific requirements for reopening businesses, so before opening your doors be sure to familiarize yourself with what rules and regulations applicable to your industry. For example, some restaurants may only be able to legally serve take-out food while others will only be allowed to have patrons sit outside on the patio at a safe distance. Knowing these things will help you avoid fines and having to close down your business once again for not remaining in compliance.


Communicate Clearly

 When it comes to reopening your business, it’s important to clearly communicate with both staff and customers what the requirements are when they enter the premises. Are they required to apply hand sanitizer at the door? Remain six feet away while waiting in line? Having clearly-marked signs that inform everyone of such requirements will help avoid any confusion and further minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus.


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