Reopening after the COVID-19 lockdowns requires preparation and commitment. While we continue to deal with the outfall of the pandemic, businesses that reopen are going to need to take steps to protect their workers and customers.

From public outreach to installing proper social distancing signs, these are five tips to help your reopening go smoothly.

social distancing desk shields

Must-Dos When Reopening After COVID-19

1. Understand your finances and have a budget

Unfortunately, preparing to reopen will take some resources.  Be certain you know your finances, and that you have some money to spare for updating your facilities and procedures.  It might cost a little, but the investment can help protect your staff and customers for years to come.

2. Install plenty of signage and other marketing materials

Make no mistake, reopening should be treated as a marketing effort.  You should have plenty of social distancing products on display in your place of business, to signal that it’s safe to visit.  Social distancing signs, hand sanitizer stations, plastic barriers between staff and customers…  these don’t just enhance safety; they send the message that your workplace is safe!

3. Update your workplace health policies

It’s probably been a while since you’ve updated the health policies in your corporate manual, safety binders, etc.  These should be updated with the most current recommendations from civilian and government sources on reducing the spread of the Coronavirus.

4. Train your staff

Updating your policies to cover matters such as the use of hand sanitizer, face masks/shields, and social distancing is only part of the solution.  Your staff also needs to be fully briefed and trained on these procedures.  Be sure to include some sensitivity and de-escalation training for handling those special visitors who think they don’t need to wear masks or take other precautions.

5. Reach out to customers

You need to get the word out that your business is open and that you will be safe to visit.  Depending on your situation, this could be anything from notices via email and social media, wind flags and signages, to full ad buys on local media.  Be sure to include plenty of information on how your policies have been updated, and what expectations you’ll have of those who come to visit. (i.e., mask requirements and such.)

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